1329 Norvell St
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Philip Rogers

Master of Science in Computer Science
May, 2010
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
May, 2008
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.
Staff Software Engineer, Google
2010 - present
Team lead of the Chrome paint/compositing team
We turn HTML and CSS into pixels, at 60fps (90th%ile: 7ms) (life of a pixel)
    Also the reverse: input & hit testing
Frame viewer (presentation)
Re-architected the paint and compositing system (slimming paint)
WebKit committer and reviewer
Chromium/Blink committer, reviewer, core owner (2,000+ commits)
Member of the team who wrote and released Angry Birds for Chrome
Google I/O talk, 2011: Kick-Ass Game Programming with Google Web Toolkit
PaxDev panel, 2011: The Pigs Are Not Happy: Bringing Angry Birds to the Web
R2Z2: Detecting Rendering Regressions in Web Browsers through Differential Fuzz Testing. (ICSE '22)